Prosecutors, under pressure / Eugen Beci: Organized crime does not threaten with bullets, but with envelopes

2023-10-03 21:57:00, Kronika CNA
Prosecutors, under pressure / Eugen Beci: Organized crime does not threaten with
Former head of the Prosecution of Serious Crimes, Eugen Beci

The former head of the Serious Crimes Prosecution, Eugen Beci, made a strong statement, as he spoke about the two female prosecutors threatened by Laert Haxhiu's criminal group, who received protection from the authorities.

Beci said in an interview with Alba Alishan that the justice bodies must be protected from threats that hinder their work.

He declared that he no longer threatens with bullets, but threatens with envelopes, reforms and transfers.

"There have been and will be such threats when organized crime has spread its tentacles in every part of our society. There will be such bills, but we must not forget that such threats have been and will be. What is important is how much power the state has to cope with these types of threats. If the work is coordinated with the law enforcement bodies, there will be an increased care for the justice bodies.

This threat comes from organized crime and ordinary crime. It is important that the bodies of justice are protected from threats with envelopes that hinder the real work of justice. Organized crime has evolved and no longer threatens like street crime, ordinary crime, or a murderer. Organized crime no longer threatens with bullets, it threatens with reforms, with transfers, with institutions that threaten the work of a structure such as SPAK", said Beci./ CNA

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