Leka Bungo takes the important task/ CNA wishes him a long life

2024-02-24 19:06:00, Aktualitet CNA
Leka Bungo takes the important task/ CNA wishes him a long life
Leka Bungo

Leka Bungo, who for some time is the chairman of the Governing Council of the Albanian Radio and Television, which is paid with millions from the taxes of the Albanian citizens both for the position as chairman and for the special special pension, but now he will have to pay for a important task.

This is probably the most important task that Leka Bungo has ever held . This is probably the reason why Leka attacks us, insults us, does not say anything to us. We still respect and honor this great personality, the greatest of all.

We have not said anything to Leka. We did not tell him that you, Leka, are a spy. No! Like Leka, we brought 15 other names, as we wanted to reveal and achieved our goal, a political fraud which was the fact of opening the files, and we are repeating it: We are asking for the opening of the files and one person cannot be a state official who was a security associate. The Rama - Basha game was revealed, but Leka was very angry, because she only reads the headlines. 

That was the goal. We proved it. Many names we took. Leka was upset. He attacked us.

A few days ago we published another article, where we said: we have brought two letters in a row to RTSH, give us information. If you delete the documents, it shows that there is something there because the data is being deleted.

So somewhere it was abused, it was stolen. Leka attacked us again. We didn't understand what Leka had because of everything that was written, that there was no bad intention towards him.

In the first case there were 15 others and no one was worried. They just read it and reacted like normal people, someone gave us authorization to get the file.

In the second case, we addressed the director and this Leka with the idea that he is a collaborator and fights corruption, but what happened here that we were attacked again.

Now we understand why he attacked us.

Leka has taken the leadership of a very important association and apparently, being the chairman of the association, Leka cannot bear that we are not part of it and do not recognize him as the chairman of the association. Condolences to Mr. Leka as the great chairman.

We are now declaring it publicly.

We wish you success in your task and we will recognize you as the chairman of the association while you are alive and after your death.

Together with the lawyers, we will assist you to have it legal, registered in court, that is, to appear in court as the president of the association of k...ve. You can't just be on the air, we're going to make a chairman with documents, to be all complete.

Deserves. Our friend, the businessman Gjergj Luca, has found the task exactly, but how did we deserters know what kind of trouble you had?!

Sorry to bother you until now. You are the greatest president and we are very sorry that you are president only for Albania.

We will propose the world leader of presidents. That's how you are. He deserves it./ CNA

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