Rainfall and power outages/ Today's weather forecast

2024-03-01 07:17:00, Sociale CNA
Rainfall and power outages/ Today's weather forecast
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On Friday, our country will have unstable atmospheric conditions with mostly cloudy weather, but there will be occasional sunny intervals.

Rainfall starts from midnight with low to moderate intensity with short-term thunderstorms accompanied by electrical discharges in almost the entire country.

Then occasional low-intensity rain and short-lived localized thunderstorms. The wind will blow in the southwest-northwest direction 1-8 m/s, while on the coast it gains speed of 10-15 m/s, causing the waves in the seas to be of force 3-4.

Temperatures are predicted: in mountainous areas 6 to 14°C, in low areas 7 to 20°C and in coastal areas 9 to 20°C./ CNA

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