Do not approach Veliaj or you will fall

2024-04-24 14:07:00, Satire Politike CNA

Do not approach Veliaj or you will fall

It may seem unbelievable to them, but today Erion Veliaj, using the director of Euronews Albania, Ben Blushi, has shared a video where he shows how the mayor of Tirana, the head of the organization of thieving directors, the famous man of Tirana's incinerator who does not exist, in other words for at least 60 million euros from an affair with the soils within the affair of the incinerators, has shared a video where he shows how he helps a woman who falls.

It happens to all of you that when someone falls, we help them, but no one makes a video.

Lali Eri has this in his umpteenth video. Because there is also one with a child who picks him up and puts him in the emergency car and takes him to the hospital.

This great helper, Lali Eri, gives a piece of advice to the citizens, so that they don't have falls and that they might accidentally trip and injure themselves.

They do well to stay away from Erion Veliaj, don't get close when Lali Eri passes, because they can fall and have health consequences because Lali carries the cameras with him just for that job.

When he is there, o people fall, o people get sick, o the ambulance has to come, so there is a preventive advice: Do not approach Lali Eri because you might fall or he can get him to ride in an ambulance and he will end up on any cam on social networks.

This is then perfectly distributed by Ben Blushi in Euronews Albania to make propaganda with his friend the man or the fact owner of the incinerators where the tentacles extend to Ben Blushi./CNA 


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