Excellent flower of talents: I worked as a DJ in the Netherlands

2024-04-07 20:34:00, Satire Politike CNA
Excellent flower of talents: I worked as a DJ in the Netherlands
Lulzim Basha

The leader of the Democratic Party and the entire opposition, Lul Basha, has always shown his talents.

Among his talents we can list mathematics, linguistics, musical ear and many, many others.

Luli stood out as a tenor when he sang the national anthem in the protests against the government of Edi Rama.

But recently, he himself has shown us another passion and ability of his, and this again in music.

Luli said in a podcast that he worked as a DJ in the Netherlands. He stated that he experienced and loved pop, rock, hard rock and Heavy Metal music very much.

"We had our own clubs, some of them were the property of the students' own organizations. One of my closest friends was the DJ at one of these. I mean, we were almost inseparable, he also became the reason for me to get involved in music. I have a passion for music, especially the music of my school days, although now it is back in fashion. I had a love for music, I experienced pop, rock, hard rock, Heavy Metal. The most favorite music group was "Duran Duran" was the first group I followed, "Alphaville" of that time. So the big artists in the 80s were full of big artists from of course Madonna, Michael Jackson, George Michael, Metallica of course, etc. I liked music, but the art of playing music was my hobby and I got it from my friend Richard, who was a professional DJ", he emphasized.

These are just some of Lulu's small ball talents. We can't wait for Luli to show us his next talent./ CNA

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