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Adventures of Lekar Bundra in New York

2024-02-27 09:40:00, Satire Politike CNA

Adventures of Lekar Bundra in New York

Lekatar Bundra does not know a word of English. Even though he lived for many years in America, that language still did not enter his head. You have a flat brain, not a wrinkle of wisdom showing there, he cursed himself.

He remembered when he worked in the parking lot in New York. Arranged cars in vacant positions. He only needed two words, left and right. That's it.

But his mind could not absorb these either. He directed the drivers by hand. Like that traffic policeman before the liberation in Tirana that we saw in the Kinostudio documentaries. Sitting on top of a crate of tomatoes and directing the few cars that passed by.

But this illiteracy in English had a great advantage. Every time he made a mistake and confused the drivers, the manager got on his nerves.

He talked to him, shouted at him, raised his voice, but Lekatari was already laughing. First, because he didn't understand anything, and second, because he didn't know how to explain. So one day, two days, ten... until at the door of Lekatar's house one dinner, the manager himself knocked. Lekatari opened it and with his hand, not words, directed him inside.

He angrily started a dialogue with Lekatar's wife. He spoke and the woman shook her head.
- What is this guy saying? - asked Lekatari.

And the country couldn't take it. He wanted to learn the essence of the debate. But nothing. He only understood the word ok. That's it. As soon as the manager left, the woman said to him:
"You're a doctor, the manager said that so far he has fired you ten times and you go to work again." You know he's going crazy.

The doctor laughed.

-You see, woman, that not knowing English has its advantages. Tomorrow morning I will report back to work. He can't take me away because I don't understand what he's saying.

And so Lekatari, instead of learning some American words, memorized the manager and with him the drivers who brought the cars to the parking lot in New York./CNA 

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