Has the doctor been a collaborator of the Security?

2024-03-01 12:56:00, Satire Politike CNA

Has the doctor been a collaborator of the Security?

Lekar Bundra felt insulted when he read in the media that he was an associate of the Security. As soon as he entered the house, the woman bombarded him with questions:

-Did you read what they wrote about you today?

- Yes, I read them.

-And? Were you or were you not a collaborator?

The doctor looked at him with wild eyes and snapped:

- You know me well, woman. Can I be a collaborator? Or you know what that means. partner?

- Yes, he's like a funky guy, who makes anonymous letters, I think.

- Why do I lower myself so low? Do I make myself write who spoke badly in the milk queue or what people are blabbing in the stadium? - he thundered.

- That's what I say, but even these media people have some fact to call you a collaborator.

- They should first call me and ask me. Here, for example be yourself as a journalist and address me!

- Ok, Mr. Lekatar Bundra, were you an associate of the Security?

-No no no. That I was the insurance itself. I didn't write anonymous letters or do petty espionage by mail or courier. I went straight to the Ministry of the Interior and met the leaders there. I had the doors open. I told them that my friend, my colleague, my neighbor, my cousin spoke against our beloved party.

My word was true that the heads of the department were my friends. Remember when they used to come to our house for lunch and dinner?

- Yes, I remember that I still feel my arms tired from cooking for them.

The woman hugged Lekar. She knew he was selfish. I'm really a spy, but not an alley spy, but a spy with a capital "S". Spy Source ie. That every slander took place.

- Lucky that you didn't spy on me too, - she told him, - who knows where they would have exiled me. - she said and hung on Lekar's chest, covered by her swollen belly from the drinks she was drinking in the city's bars./ CNA 

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