From Pellumb Kulla/ Swearing at me too?!!!

2023-09-23 11:30:00, Opinione Pëllumb Kulla
From Pellumb Kulla/ Swearing at me too?!!!
Tower Pigeon

Never before have any of my many writings aroused interest and enthusiasm as much as this last one on Prime Minister Rama's gestures in the Security Council.

I have been very happy with the likes and congratulations. It is natural.

But there are those who write against me and curse and slander without restraint. I found one this morning as soon as I opened the Facebook page.

He even accuses me that I have changed sheets since he had a dream that I asked and was not fulfilled with promotions!...

What did you find me from one more slander!

I am reproducing both his lines and my response to him. And not only for him!

His comment:

I read that they say here that you have written brilliantly, that's what I said about you when I read your writings in 1992, when you praised Dr. Berisha and made you an ambassador in America... when you asked him to become Foreign Minister and Berisha did not I did you, since 1997 you have only been spitting out bile for Berisha... that's how it is, Pigeon...

My answer:

Sir, are you concerned about the character of the columnist? Leave him alone and mind your own business!

If you are willing to do research, search on September 16, 2013 in many newspapers, in DITA, TemA, Respublika... or in my book "Endless War" page 616, these lines:

"And if someone purses his lips and doesn't understand me and asks me where all this love for Rama came from, I'll answer: Love? I just wish him luck.

This is how I love it!

But I absolutely do not love him, as much as I loved Berisha at that dawn of the Nineties!"

And I assure you, sir, that if Rama commits atrocities, betrays national interests, blows up 26 people in some gunpowder factory, and 100 tragic deeds, I will not love him anymore.

I, who have now often written against Rama, but you have not read it. I blame him for the election agreement of April 2008, I criticize him for the need for internal democracy in the party, others...

But if you worry about my character, leave it! Better take care of yours! That my writing is against you, a fool like you, that does not arouse your enthusiasm even when it rises to heights where no Albanian statesman has risen before!

You do not accept that he has so far managed to be the highest international voice of the Albanians.

I have it against you, you wretch!

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