Damages of root crop

2023-09-21 22:02:00, Opinione Aurel Plasari

Damages of root crop

For several years now, a thickly woven lie has been circulating, spreading, about the discovery of a document which can shed light on "the earliest writing of the Albanian language of the century. XIV", that is, pre-Buzukian.

The first root: Professors Stefan Schumacher and Joachim Matzinger from the Austrian Academy of Sciences, who are mentioned, have not discovered any document that is thought to belong to the 14th century and where "an Albanian with Latin letters" is written.

The second root: The two slandered professors have not presented any leaf - not even one - of any "Bible" book, as they say, that documents the Albanian language written at the beginning of the 14th century.

Third root: Notice of any such document has never been published on the official website of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, as claimed.

The fourth root: That piece of text mentioned and cited as c. XIV ("Scala I. Ligierata VI. How he created ?ot?ne Adamne et Evene. To see our print" etc.) is none other than a page from Pjetër Bogdani's book 'Ceta e Prophetes Christ', published in Padua, Italy in 1685 (M.DC.LXXXV), i.e. fully 130 years after Gjon Buzuku's 'Meshari'.

Damages of root crop

The fifth root: The illustration used by fraudsters has nothing to do with the Albanian language and, especially, with the century. XIV; is the first page of an English introduction, The Preface, of the book 'The Bay Psalm Book', the first book printed in those countries that would later be called the "United States of America", in 1640, that is, the century. XVII. It is also known as the most expensive book in the world, because it was sold at auction for a record 14.2 million dollars, which is why it is easily extorted on the web. In addition, it shows plain ignorance not to know that in the alleged (XIV) century, book printing had not yet begun: in that century, texts circulated as manuscripts. 

Since we are talking about ignorance, which allows you to write about things you don't even know about, I am adding:

It is incorrect to describe Norbert Jokl as the "founder of the science of Albanianology", as they write. Albanology, as a group of knowledge that studies the Albanian world, is not considered founded in the 30-40s of the century. XX, but almost a century earlier. In Albanian studies, there has been a consensus to accept Johann Georg von Hahni as the "father" of Albanology with his major work 'Albanian Studies' (1854). In it, the Albanian world is examined with its ancient and medieval history, with its linguistic, ethnographic, doctrinal characteristics, etc., especially addressing the issue of the autochthony of the Albanians in the countries where they live. While the fact that the linguist Norbert Jokl "was killed by the Nazis in May 1942" does not change anything in the chronology of the beginnings of Albanianology.

It is incorrect to claim that the Archbishop of Durrës, Pal Úngjëlli, formulated the Albanian Baptismal Formula "during a visit to the diocese of Mati". The aforementioned formula was included by Paul Angel in a pastoral (pastoral) letter on the occasion of a synod held on November 8, 1462 in the church of the Holy Trinity in Mat.

It is incorrect to claim that "Fon Harvey [so it is written] traveled to Durrës and Ulcinj". The knight Arnold von Harf, from his Cologne, traveled as a pilgrim to the Holy Land. During the journey by ship from Venice to Alexandria, he also stopped at some of the ports of Dalmatia, Arberia, Epirus, etc., among them Durrës; there he collected words and expressions that he recorded in a kind of pocket dictionary.

While you must have used the foot keyboard to, after calling Gjon Buzuku's 'Meshari' "the first book in the Albanian language", continue writing about it: "The book is church and written in Latin [!! !], has 154,000 words. It is in the northern dialect and the original is in the Vatican Archives".

After this Mass of Buzuku "in the Latin language", is it necessary to linger longer?

Yes, it is appropriate to add that, in cases like this, it is not just a matter of lies, but of anti-national assassinations hiding behind the "national interest". From the intelligent albanologist Selman Riza, they should learn about the culture of the root a warning thesis, which he formulated as follows: by fabricating and fabricating "unknown facts" in our national history, we do it great harm, because foreigners skeptics, who are well-informed and attentive, distinguish between fabrications and fictions, and then we run the risk of not even believing the real truths of our history.

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