The pathological bitterness of the paid Belgrade, Athens and Moscow in Albania

2023-09-19 20:32:00, Opinione CNA
The pathological bitterness of the paid Belgrade, Athens and Moscow in Albania
Lawyer Spartak Ngjela

The paymasters of Belgrade, Athens and Moscow are in pathological bitterness today in Albania.


The first to denounce, two years ago, the financing by Moscow of Albanian agents of Russia, was the ambassador of the United States of America in Tirana, Mrs. Yuri Kim.

But today, what do these agents have that remained on the television screens with anti-Albanian anger?!!

But with these sold...

Today, both political Athens and political Belgrade are in historical anxiety.

Because the Albanians are seeking to restore their stolen history from Belgrade and Athens, which of course in the 200-year history, Moscow has been the main author of anti-Albanianism.

But now, everything is decided in favor of Albania and Kosovo.

Does the Rama government recognize the Constitution of Albania, which has given it as an essential duty the protection of the national interest? Does Prime Minister Rama know that, where he is Prime Minister of Albania, he has the constitutional right to protect the inviolability of Albania's national and historical dignity?

Well, if he knows this, he, with his legal force, should close the broadcast of the televisions that are making anti-Albanian propaganda with historical garbage of Albania. How can these be allowed? What about Edi Rama, is he afraid to defend the dignity and national interest in front of Albania's centuries-old enemies, or does he himself not want this dignity?!

This should be the legal administrative strike within the competence of the Prime Minister. Well, why does the Prime Minister of Albania hesitate to block with his decree the broadcasting of stations that are insulting the national dignity of Albanians with slander and anti-historical fabrications?

Let them fall on their feet, because Albanianism is at its pinnacle today.

Whereas SPAK, in the Beleri case, was at the right height in terms of justice.

But, in the meantime, it is understood that the paid ignoramuses are in trouble, because those who pay them ask them to slander against Albanians, whereas, these Albanians paid against Albania, are now being collected files of anti-Albanian activity.

They are ignorant, because, without knowing theoretically and practically what a national language is, without knowing either ancient Greek or Latin, they attack the Albanian language with a rhetoric of ignorance, only because this is what those who pay them and who now have them ask for. captured and think they are using them against Albanianism, which is now triumphant.

Eh, wretched mor! you know that for centuries and centuries dogs have been barking at the moon, but it walks and spins brightly around the earth, "mocking" those barkers...

Just like Beleri, these screen barkers are also towards penalization.

SPAK must act energetically in defense of the interest and historical dignity of Albania and Albanians, as it was legally created for this purpose.


Meanwhile, the Albanians have gained half of the territorial losses stolen from their Greek and Slavic neighbors and are now on their way to national strengthening.

Therefore, Athens and Belgrade are fooling around with the ignoramuses they have in Albania in their anti-Albanian service.

The cup is filled, and Beleri was the first echelon.

Soon you will also see other agents of anti-Albanianism in the shackles of justice.

Yes, where does Albanianism ask today for some caterpillars who do not know how to articulate any logical judgment!

Now then...

Albanians will be satisfied with the gathering of thugs who insult Albanians in the media and are harassing the invaders of Albanian lands.

But don't forget:

If the independence of Kosovo was the first stage of the resurgence of Albanianism in the Illyrian Peninsula, the forced gathering towards the punishment of the ignorant paid for by Serbian and Greek anti-Albanianism, and by Moscow, will raise the profile of the second stage of the blow of anti-Albanianism paid for by anti-Albanian extremism in Athens, Belgrade and Moscow.

The time belongs to the Albanians, therefore this story belongs to the ethnic renewal of Great Arberia in the Illyrian Peninsula.


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