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Last mandate

2024-02-28 10:22:00, Opinione Grigels Muçollari

Last mandate

With a group game, starting from Rama I, Mirela Kumbaro and Arben Pëllumbi in turn, and continuing with the SP mayors and 12 deputies of this force, the protected areas were removed from Albania. For 4 minutes with the clock in hand, the new law was passed, which gives the management of protected areas to the National Council of the Territory (KKT), excluding the Ministry of Tourism and Environment from responsibility.

The KKT is the highest development body in the hierarchy of planning bodies, whose purpose remains urban development and not the protection of natural beauty. This opens the way to build even where greed had not yet given up. The one who for 11 years as mayor degenerated Tirana with constructions corner by corner, who did not leave a square between palaces and gardens without erecting multi-storey buildings, has attacked Albania to divide it one by one.

In the name of a development that never came, nature is killed and the charade continues as long as we are in power. They have tried big and small, strategic and non-strategic, to tear as much as is left of poor Albania. It is the same hand that left green hills, parks and flowers in Tirana.

They are the ones who have been running Durrës, Vlora, Himara and Saranda for decades. And they are so immoral that they point the finger at the opposition when they have been running coastal municipalities for decades. Those who destroyed Holta and wanted to put Vjosa in their pockets, Butrinti, the lagoons, the national parks and so little is left of this country to satisfy our eyes with beauty for us and foreign tourists.

Their forefathers took away from the Albanians a great cultural heritage, centuries-old Byzantine churches, amazing mosques and mosques. Now they want to leave it without a blade of grass, without a tree, just to get the percentages in the construction, the rate of corruption enjoyed by the authorities over Albania. At this point, those Albanians should pay to support the opposition, because they are silently leaving their children a country without a future.

They are putting the party over Albania. Every day Rama's stay in power irreversibly takes away a part of Albania. He left nothing without taking this country, from the center of Tirana to the border beam. Therefore, this should be his last mandate. Without your reaction the impunity of the caste will become greater.

With our reaction, the country will be saved. When I say reaction this time, I mean revolt from those with smoke that you can see from Brussels and Washington. These barbarians are not leaving us any other solution. My call is to protect Albania while we still have it! An all-inclusive, north-south union of Tirana, oppositions and non-parties, as a great sovereign power, will be the fatal answer for the current government.

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