Why did the jackal land in Tirana?

2024-02-25 15:28:00, Opinione Artan Fuga

Why did the jackal land in Tirana?

Various media say that it came down from the mountains, and experts, usually animals, have said that the jackal has come to look for food. Hahaha. Like saying that man lives to breathe.

Oh, these people make you gas for every sentence they write!

How is it possible, Shvejku said, that everyone went crazy at once!!!

A journalist wrote that the jackal sat in the cafe a little surprised by the people around.

Wow, how did you understand, my dear! How does a jackal express surprise in coffee? Like some moron who opens his eyes to the lies his friend tells him in front of him?

How do you know, for example, that the wild jackal came from the mountains and was not kept in some house, by some boss, or some hunter type, or some lady? Didn't leave some luxury apartment?

Did they interrogate the jackal? Aman, what language did they speak to him? That this is an investigation case. Very difficult. What did the jackal deposit?

They say that the jackal said that I will repent and cooperate with you! He denounced the fox, who, in cooperation with the wild cat, put him in a net, deceived him and told him that there was an empty job in Tirana. Jackal paid thirty-two thousand euros and five pieces of cheese as a corrupt tip.

The jackal expert told an important media that the jackal came to Tirana for food. Hahaha. For any desert animal when it moves you can say that it is motivated by the desire for food. But, another expert objected, saying that he came down for sex, in search of the jackal that had escaped from the nest a few months before under the influence of "TikTok". He saw a lot of "TikTok" communicating with the zoo goat.

The jackal has come for food?! Imagine, what stupid experts who think that the jackal went through all the towns of Tirana and did not find food, until he arrived at a bar in Blloku, where, after taking out five euros, he shouted at the waiter: "go buy us a coffee, grrrrrrr , with milk and a croissant because I was starving.

There are also apocalyptic versions. The jackals of the mountains of Tirana have learned from the media that the sea has become sour, that the bones of the dead can be found thrown on the streets, and you can scratch them for the taste of jackals for seven pairs of heavens.

Human flesh for all jackals!

Meanwhile, in an interview, the jackal said something in a video, but the video is kept to blackmail him, because he went naked in the cafe.

There the jackal claimed that a laraska somewhere behind Dajti manipulated him and told him that in Tirana there has been a word circulating for a long time, and stupid people have realized that: Wolf, wolf, but the jackal wreaks havoc. The jackal said that from this expression he understood that in the public space and the political market there are too many wolves and she-wolves, but there is a lack of jackals. So he has come to adjust the balance between wolves and jackals in the nation's capital.

The anti-pedal expert, Bishtnim Zverdhanuku, has a different opinion, in a television studio he stated his investigative - humorous result according to which the jackal told him that he came to seek political asylum in Tirana. It came from the mountains of Pindi, depicted in the advertisement for Albanian tourism, and that there are millions of tourists who do not go anywhere else but come here to see the most beautiful museum in the world, the house with leaves where it is shown how Albanians used to remove the nails of Albanians .

There are also rumors that the jackal had actually lost his way because he intended to go to the zoo, since it has been turned into a farm, there are cows, kids, sheep, goats, but there are no wild animals, especially an authentic jackal is required.

However, the investigations continue, and meanwhile the jackal has been sentenced to report to Unit 5, every Monday, at 3:00 in the morning. There are reports that they are negotiating to sterilize him and release him as a wandering jackal in another city, where a tender for a dog-jackal shelter is expected to be held.

This opens an issue related to the identity of jackals seen by foxes, and it is said that a petition is being prepared for this, which has so far collected two thousand and one hundred signatures. The strange thing is that they are signing people, chickens, lady dogs, domestic crocodiles, reptile cats, canal rats, snakes, etc.

The life of the city is very confused because there is a conspiracy theorist who, in collaboration with a journalist, is publishing a pamphlet where the idea is that after thousands of years a fact predicted by Nastradinus is happening, highlighted by a woman who predicts fortunes according to which when different people become jackasses, there are jackasses who want to become humans. It is claimed to be a new form of social Darwinism.

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