Crime-crime, drugs-drugs, thorns-thorns

2024-02-18 21:20:00, Opinione Lutfi Dervishi

Crime-crime, drugs-drugs, thorns-thorns

In Devolli, where Dritëroi the great started the path of letters with a clay beam taken from the fields to bring to the League of Writers, a rare event has been recorded.

Although for the days in which we live the extraordinary always seems more ordinary, this event is worthy of being headline news wherever bread is called bread and water is called water...

The local police, or better to say "The Police We Want", has once again demonstrated its unparalleled vigilance in the face of big and small criminals.

This time, thanks to police intelligence, drones, satellites (Albania 1, Albania 2) and cooperation with local and foreign partners, a scandal so big has been discovered that if it had not been caught in time, it would have jeopardized the Paris Agreement on the war to climate warming.

The police of Devolli caught red-handed a farmer who dared to burn the thorns on his land to plough, plow and plant.

Yes, yes, do not be surprised, the villain is now behind bars!

Maybe news for anyone is the fact that there are still stupid farmers who plant the land again and again even though they have thrown decades of sweat into their river, but that is another topic.

The event today is this miscreant who, after falling on the pickaxe all day, the statue of justice with the pickaxe of the law in hand did not tolerate him.

One might say that the police should focus more on cannabis, trafficking, theft, threats on social networks or illegal construction?

But no, in these winter days, the police we love is focused where no one expects: In the gardens of farmers.

The accused, a 58-year-old rebel, known to the authorities only as LL, is accused of environmental pollution. His crime?

 He set fire to some herbs that dared to grow on his property.

 Imagine the scene: a farmer from those you usually find in Devoll, armed with a lighter, starts a fire and as the people say where there is fire there is also smoke. Where there is smoke, there are problems.

Devolli's police station, in order not to lag behind Italian and Ecuadorian colleagues who are dealing with international drug cartels or smuggling networks, mobilized the best crime investigation specialists.

 These heroes in blue uniforms referred the case to the Prosecutor's Office in record time and guaranteed the residents of Devolli and beyond would only see smoke from their chimneys from now on.

During the interrogation, the prosecutor made sure that the 58-year-old had no intention of reminding his fellow villagers of the issue of non-working incinerators with the fire set to burn the "waste".

Investigators have seized the criminal's cell phone and are simultaneously investigating several tracks.

The question that is already wandering like steam in the head of the drunk for the prosecutor is: What else can LL do to us? 

Judging by his age, it is understood that he may become a recidivist. It is possible, away from the water more than necessary, the cucumbers in the garden, wasting a public asset.

 Maybe LL can continue to prune the rose bushes without permission. Time, this merciless judge will tell.

But the workaholics can sleep easy, knowing that the police we love are always vigilant...

Although every beautiful bach has its thorns, I don't know if their strong brandy will be enough to overcome this "story" that makes you drunk with stupidity and makes you cringe with puddalak. /CNA

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