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The Gestapo

2024-02-22 09:31:00, Opinione Artan Fuga

The Gestapo

One day I was listening to the bullish administrator of a supposedly private university, who was showing that the institution, private property of his family, had strict rules, quality, modernity.

On exam day? - said.

What are you saying? I do terror, no, terror.

And what are these students? Big cheats, villains, but they can't throw me.

Exams, s'kaaaaaaa, I don't let anyone do giliviliiiiiii!

Rrup-sup I do them! It's out of the question!!!

I saw him and sometimes he looked like the potato-faced guardian of the movie, now who remembers his name, sometimes as a Gestapo officer in the movie Schindler's List, sometimes as a policeman in the internment camp in Tepelena, sometimes as a blacksmith.

I do not know why!

And continued:

Maskers keep their phones in their pockets and put bean-sized headphones in their ears. Therefore, first of all, I check who enters the class by ear!

I strip them of their ears!

Bean by bean I check them. I was pierced by a spear in the ear.

A couple of them had beans stuck in their ears and went to the hospital to be operated on. As soon as they were put under anesthesia, they told the doctor why they had done it.

No, why am I so gullible!

As soon as the students enter the hall, the books, notebooks, papers they may have, glass, everything, the phones are piled up at the first bank. Not even a fly is allowed to pass.

What do chicks do? They insert copies under the miniskirts. Therefore, the first thing, lower your head and see that no one moves a foot or a hand.

There is no going to the bathroom in the exam. When someone claims that they have personal needs, it is understandable why they do it! Atyyyy, I tell him, what did you have to do, do it before the exam!

The papers where the details are written are very secret. How does the teacher know what he corrects!!! Like in smoke! Even the secretaries often correct the exams.

The teacher puts the grade at the beginning, then takes the notebook to the secretary, from where the code is linked to the student's name. No name or anything. The names in the notebook are replaced by coded numbers: 007, 5 fraction 1, 17 17, and so on.

Then another phase begins. Exams are passed through a sieve. If three sentences were found that are almost the same in two different notebooks, both are immediately disqualified. I have ten people checking the sentences.

That technology moves. You understand yourself!

Now I have found another thing. On the day of the exam, I put into operation a device that stops the telephone waves as well as the Internet in all the spaces owned by my university. I black it out altogether.

Terror, I'm not telling you! There is no wave! At first the students did not understand why they had no waves. I used to melt to see what they were talking to each other.

Imagine putting a couple of secretaries in the girls' bags to check. And I made the entrance doors as in Rinas. Everything is scanned!

A quality control came from above! When he saw what measures we were taking, he ran away without a word!

Well done! - told us! This is how it should be done, prison no prison! The student is isolated from the outside world, like Navalny in Siberia! And that's where it's tested, what do you know!

I listened to it, shook my head, and grief took over me!

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