"My eyes got dark"/ Keisi tells the reason for the "separation" from Kristi

2023-03-19 22:40:00, Lifestyle CNA

"My eyes got dark"/ Keisi tells the reason for the

The breakup of Casey's relationship with Kristin has caught the attention of the house and Casey couldn't help but be questioned by the housemates about this decision she made.

on the radio show, she shared that in Kristi she found a person she could trust and rely on for anything. But Keisi admits that the initial rush caused him to rush and take the wrong steps. In the end, Sabian's daughter points out that we won't see her as a couple with Kristi again.

"It's hard in this house to have someone to lean on, that's what I found in Kristi. I had a great liking and it made me think only about this relationship and I sped up, my eyes got dark. I learned from the following this liking was not the same anymore and it was more like I was continuing this thing because I thought if I tried harder there would be love.I focused and forgot my goal I better decide to stop it before it's too late and play my game, if love was there later it will find its way, if not we don't get along anymore... inside the house you won't see us together anymore", said Keisi./ CNA


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