Lorenci "throws the hook" to Jori Delli/ "You are the only drug I would consume"

2023-03-19 19:38:00, Lifestyle CNA

Lorenci "throws the hook" to Jori Delli/ "You are the only drug I

The two new residents of "Big Brother VIP", Gerti Koxha and Lorenc Hasrama, have started harassing the model Jori Delli.

During a conversation with the two boys, Jori said that he is against any kind of drugs.

While Lorenci has said that he will marry her. On the other hand, Gerti, as calmer, continued saying that the model is like a "drug".

Jori: I'm against all kinds of drugs and those that are very popular in night clubs.

Lorenci: That's why I want to marry you.

Gerti: You only like green tea.

Lorenci: It doesn't need drugs, it's energetic on its own.

Gerti: Jori is a drug himself.

Lorenci: The only drug I could consume could be Jori.

Lori: I'm really against it, I've never tried any drugs.

Gerti: Only green tea. You don't like it, in Italy they drink a lot of tea.

Jori: I don't drink, I don't want to. I don't smoke cigarettes, and I don't drink tea anymore./ CNA

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