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"Where's the pendant I gave you 1 year ago?/ Snow turns to Donald: It's useless to care...

2022-11-26 16:02:00, Lifestyle CNA
"Where's the pendant I gave you 1 year ago?/ Snow turns to Donald:
Donald Veshaj, Bora Zemani

A year ago, the Bora-Donald couple made themselves public with their love story.

I'm sure you all remember the moment when Donald sent the moderator a gold pendant from inside the Big Brother house. It was the 3rd anniversary of their relationship, but even though they were not together, the actor decided to send a gift to the girl of his heart.

The whole audience was excited by this gesture, considering their love as something very special.

After that, Bora took the pendant and immediately published a photo where she appeared with the chain around her neck, which symbolized a long-distance reunion.

However, the moderator removed the pendant that he always wore around his neck, when Donald created a relationship inside the house with Beatrix Ramosaj.

Bora and Donald have now reunited and the actor has publicly asked the moderator where the horse is, as she had it on her neck in last night's episode of "DWTS".

He posted on "Instastory" a photo of her, where she has the pendant around her neck and asks: "Where is this?".

Bora reposted his photo, writing "I don't give it anymore, you're interested in nothing" / CNA.al

"Where's the pendant I gave you 1 year ago?/ Snow turns to Donald:

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