The images from the "Baby Shower" party are released / Which VIPs were part of Angel's joy

2022-11-26 14:47:00, Lifestyle CNA

The images from the "Baby Shower" party are released / Which VIPs were

Einxel Shkira and Dj Dagz are expecting a baby. Some time ago they revealed that they will soon be blessed with a son.

As they enjoy this very special period of their lives, Angel has gathered friends and relatives in a "Babyshower" party.

Everything was curated in detail, with a decoration in blue, symbolizing the reception of the boy.

Angel also wore a light blue dress and simple make up and makeup.

Part of this party was Dj Dagz's sister, as well as some of the former contestants of Big Brother.

Antonela Berisha, Sara Berisha and Monika Lubonja were part of this celebration. Noticed the absence of Trixa, one of the characters with whom Angel often exchanges comments and seems to have maintained good relations with each other.

Moderator Aulona Musta was also part of the party.

Angel gave a speech in honor of the friends where he thanked everyone for their participation.

We remember that the couple met inside the Big Brother house, and from that time they joked about the pregnancy, a joke which quickly became a reality, opening a new chapter in their lives for the couple.

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