Fation Kuqari, debate with Meriton/ Escape from "Big Brother VIP"

2024-03-03 09:10:00, Lifestyle CNA

Fation Kuqari, debate with Meriton/ Escape from "Big Brother VIP"

Fation Kuqari is one of the people involved in Rike Roçi's debate with Meriton Mjekiqin, where she told him that you are a "woman" and the moderator removed his pants belt.

Fationi said that he cannot tolerate the fact that Meriton continues to stay at home after the last gestures.

He emphasized that he made a promise, that if Meriton doesn't leave, he will leave the house of "Big Brother VIP" and that's what happened.

"I have made my decision and if he did not come through this nomination I would leave the door of this house. And I decided Ledjo, I will leave the house.

Even to stand by my word, but more because I have seen some things with my own eyes. Normally in the end the audience decides, but I don't agree... I've been lying down today just to not look at it and exchanged with that guy. He didn't just say beautiful, but it was "hey beautiful...", which clearly shows that it was a provocation. I understand that we are in a game on 'Big Brother', but that I as Fation have decided. That's why I also waited for the elimination part. If he didn't come out, I would leave. It has nothing to do with that, it's more to do with some of my situations", he underlined before leaving the house./ CNA

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