The Cossack explains the fame/ "Swear because they insult me"

2024-02-26 21:59:00, Lifestyle CNA
The Cossack explains the fame/ "Swear because they insult me"
Cossack Braçi

Kozak Braçi, one of the famous characters of "TikTok", has told how he got famous on social networks, in an interview with Ylli Rakip.

Kozaku said that it all started on "Instagram", where he did shows with characters from social networks or variety shows, and then entered "TikTok".

Asked about banal language, he said that he swears because he is insulted and touched by his family, wife or child.

Further, Kozaku spoke about his kidnapping due to a quarrel on social networks and problems with justice.

Excerpts from the conversation:

Kozak Braçi: I didn't become famous on Tik Tok, I became famous by starting a show on Instagram. I have also done interviews from the variety show.

Ylli Rakipi: How did you come to Tik Tok?

Kozak Braçi:  As I'm talking now, they take me and make me viral.

Ylli Rakipi: They say that they earn a lot of money on Tik Tok. how much do you earn

Kozak Braçi:  Now people who don't know each other win, they do stupid things and they win, and we are the same as the rest of us. There is money, people have earned a lot of money. There have been months since I received 50-60 thousand dollars from Tik Toku.

Ylli Rakipi: I saw some of your videos, you swear there too.

Kozak Braçi:  Here I am on a serious show now. I go live and they attack me, insult my family, my mother, my child, I'm human too, it's normal. Even if you are live on Tik Tok, you can get angry and swear. Now I am a man of blood. I am known as the Cossack of interviews.

Ylli Rakipi: Don't you lose sight of these things?

Kozak Braçi:  Not here, there should be a policeman to deal with this and stop swearing, there are six people who are stupid and do these things. The state must come out and take it.

Ylli Rakipi: How long have you been on Tik Tok?

Kozak Braçi:  I stay for an hour.

Ylli Rakipi: What about the rest, what do you do?

Kozak Braçi:  I miss my family, my daughter-in-law, my son.

Ylli Rakipi: Are you doing something else? Do you have other hobbies?

Kozak Braçi:  The show, that's my job.

Ylli Rakipi: They told me that they took you hostage again. Is it true?

Kozak Braçi:  That's how it is about these things, I didn't insult you, I didn't insult you. It is not easy to insult others there, there are problems when you insult. This stall has this dairy.

Anaid Kaloti: Have you ever been arrested?

Kozak Braçi:  They called me for a video they made of me six years ago, that I wasn't even famous. They bring me out to attack me, to get fame. The normal police did their job and finished there, it's normal./ CNA

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