"It's being prejudiced because of the connections"/ Sarah's friend comments on her game in BBV

2024-02-22 09:28:00, Lifestyle CNA
"It's being prejudiced because of the connections"/ Sarah's
Alesia Balliu

Alesia Balliu, the close friend of Sara Gjorden, resident of "Big Brother Vip", has spoken more about her personal life in a TV show and revealed some exclusive details about her.

"Sara and I went to law school together where we have been very good friends for years. She is a girl who has a lot of energy as she is transmitting it inside. A girl who has always been passionate about the media, about photography . She has a very good articulation and has a lot to give inside that house. As mentioned above, she has expressed that the media has always been her passion and the decision to enter Big Brother was something she wanted to to know yourself and to give the public something different", she says. 

Balliu has shown that Sara is the same outside and inside the house. 

"I think she is the one I know. It is real because I believe the public has also understood that it is transparent and more than necessary true and real for the society where we live where in fact the truths are welcome to say, but really when they are the truths that come out from the inside, they don't like them and they are prejudiced", she says. 

Sarah's friend stated that her singer is being prejudiced because she spoke openly and showed her love affairs in front of the public. 

"Then if the truth hinders you and the public does not welcome it, it is the public's problem and not Sara's in reality. Because an expression actually taught us by Sali Berisha at the Democratic Party, he told us 'between my mother and truth - always choose the truth'. So even in this connotation, I think the truth is always what should be said and should be welcomed. If then someone doesn't like someone else's truth that's their problem, but I here I want to emphasize something about the Albanian society that should not be prejudiced against women, because in life a woman can give much more than she can transmit a relationship. And Sara here is being judged that she may have had 2-3 relationships from the public for relationships which she herself has accepted as hers. Her stories," she said. 

Further, she added: "I think that all Albanian women can be girls like Sara's work, who may have gone through 2-3 experiences, which she probably could not have gone through and there is no reason to prejudice or to crucify a girl just for this. Because here I want to emphasize something that she has not violated any moral code. And that is very important." / CNA 

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