He was eliminated from Big Brother Vip/ Olsi Bylyku ​​reacts strongly to the production

2024-02-18 17:06:00, Lifestyle CNA
He was eliminated from Big Brother Vip/ Olsi Bylyku ??reacts strongly to the
Olsi Bylyku

A few weeks ago, the actor Olsi Bylyku ??was eliminated from the competition in Big Brother Vip, an elimination that surprised not only the residents but also the audience that followed him.

After many days of not being part of this reality show, the actor reacted strongly to the production of Big Brother Vip, showing how this program works.

In a lengthy social media post, the actor explains it all.

"How many times have I thought of speaking, not speaking, but better to speak because in life I learned from my parents and the field I chose that the most important thing in life is responsibility, so I think I have probably the greatest weight from every other competitor who entered that show, the responsibility to you because YOU, I had you & I have you without BIG!

First of all, I would like to suggest that in life you work hard, build & fight hard for your goals, especially colleagues, so that you never have to fight for survival because of the influence that programming can have on you. to buy you every rate & value in the "framework of the game" that creates a "show" to bring a "sponsor" of a "pot" where the winner takes the dice.

I know your questions and in fact I am very sorry that I was not in your expectations, but in fact I would be more than the expectations you had, because for the chance you gave me to be yours, I will never fail you beyond expectations, but unfortunately I understand this production before what I am writing to you was said in one of Prime's "magical nights"!

But I understand everyone's circumstances for their commitment because I have colleagues, friends and friends, I think so.

I can't convince myself that I will make a HIT, because I have them

You can't convince me that you will make a film for me because I saw @policeperkoke 2 years ago

You can't give me the dream of having 1 studio because I have it @dodrite

I can't convince myself that I can create a business after going out because I will have ads because I have it @o2boutiquee @o2_night_club

Or maybe the big price tempts me? maybe the "public votes" that eliminated me, now the costs to complete the winner's price are removed!

And thank God, I didn't build all this after I left BIG, but I owe the public's appreciation of my work to you, and to you alone. I can't share with anyone the "good things" that you have given me because YOU, I had you & I have you without BIG!

Friends, colleagues who work there, I don't mind if you unfollow me, I understand the position

Don't judge me if I don't manage to have the show I asked for to be close to you, but luckily I, like the moderators, managed to have the luxury of a break on television, with only one difference, with what I earn myself .Unfortunately, "My old house has been restored" and I begged the authors not to reveal about my trials (that you have and with fines), but it was not a trial, but an unresolved contract, because I wanted to to form 300k before I said what I feel.

I have received 1 ration of bread since the 1st day that I entered the industry for 1 purpose, until the 2 TV leaders of Albania understand that one "the future is built with young people" and the other "images are not used for your benefits just because they build financial security"

I finally understand this before I say it somewhere where I could destroy many perceptions...

The smaller, the more problematic! #REMEMBER", writes Olsi Bylyku. / CNA

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