"Your mother is sick, you're addicted to drug dealings"/ The messages are coming out, Erzen Breçani criticizes her son

2023-11-24 09:26:00, Kronika CNA

"Your mother is sick, you're addicted to drug dealings"/ The

The conversations analyzed in the "Sky" application have revealed the illegal activity of drug trafficking from South America to Europe.

Eralbi Breçani, the son of the former deputy director of the police, Erzen Breçani, is accused of being involved in this activity.

According to the Special Prosecutor's Office, Erzen Breçani was aware of his son's criminal activity.

The power of attorney has come to this conclusion after analyzing the 2020 communications of the former high-ranking police official with his son.

On September 8, Erzen Breçani criticizes Eralbi Breçani for not visiting his sick mother.

"...Yes, you found the mixer... Those who I asked at Petriti's say we didn't find it, we don't know who put it in... Don't bother me here at all, especially mixing that because of bad goods, they sell the other one for two... How much did you sell... Where did you sell it... Where are you... I'm coming out... Didn't you meet Ujeza at all today... .? Yes, I had my mother, did you not even meet her for two minutes? Did you take it more... I put it on the shelf for the drugs and ours, because I don't know what they need when my mother is gone. I'm sick, don't see me for five minutes...". - it says in the file./ CNA

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