Garages and apartment/ The assets of the Elbasana man who had a "bar house" in England are seized

2023-11-24 08:49:00, Kronika CNA
Garages and apartment/ The assets of the Elbasana man who had a "bar
Elbasan Prosecutor's Office

The Prosecutor's Office of Elbasan has seized the properties of the citizen LC, convicted in the United Kingdom for 'barbarism'.

The assets of this citizen and the persons related to him have been identified by the Prosecutor's Office as unjustified assets and suspected of being placed on criminal resources.

Specifically, the following were seized:

Property with no. 26/198-G.5, of the "Garage" type, zk. 8525, Elbasan;

Property with no. 26/198-G.6, of the "Garage" type, zk. 8525, Elbasan; AND

Property with no. 26/198+1-26, type "apartment", zk. 8525, Elbasan

The investigations showed that:

The person under investigation has committed criminal activity (barbarism) in the United Kingdom, for which he was arrested and sentenced by the English authorities.

The person under investigation and the persons close to him, during and after the time of carrying out the activity, have invested in the acquisition of some real estate, which are suspected to have as a source the income from the illegal activity of the LC citizen.

The ascertained assets are clearly not justified by the legal income of the related persons of the person under investigation LC

The Court of First Instance of the General Jurisdiction Elbasan, with decision no. 821 dated 22.11.2023, has decided to accept the prosecutor's request and to impose a measure of preventive sequestration on the aforementioned real estate.

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