A person is found dead in Durrës/ First suspicions

2023-11-24 09:05:00, Kronika CNA
A person is found dead in Durrës/ First suspicions
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This Friday morning, a person was found dead in Durrës.

Specifically, the victim was identified by fishermen at the fishing port in Durrës.

From preliminary information, it is reported that there are no signs of violence on the dead body.

The dead person has been identified as a citizen with the initials EA, 42 years old, a resident of Tirana.

The Blues have strong suspicions that the victim drowned accidentally, as he suffers from mental health problems.

"On 23.11.2023, in a fishing pier in the port of Durrës, the body of citizen EA, 42 years old, resident of Tirana, was found lifeless and without signs of violence. From the investigations so far, it is suspected that the 42-year-old man, who suffered from mental health problems, accidentally drowned in the sea.

The investigative group continues its work to clarify the circumstances of the case ," the police announcement states./ CNA

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