Ukraine shot down 16 of 30 Russian drones

2023-10-01 17:21:00, Kosova & Bota CNA

Ukraine shot down 16 of 30 Russian drones

Ukraine's air defense systems shot down 16 of about 30 drones that Russia launched into Ukrainian territory overnight, the Ukrainian Air Force said on Sunday.

Authorities said Ukraine's central Cherkasy region was under attack.

"At night, the enemy massively attacked our Cherkasy region with attack drones. Unfortunately, there were strikes on the industrial infrastructure in (the city of) Uman," Cherkasy Governor Ihor Taburets said on Telegram.

Ukraine's presidential office said in a statement that civilian infrastructure and warehouses were also damaged in southern Mykolaiv region and eastern Dnipropetrovsk region.

Meanwhile, according to Britain's Ministry of Defense's daily report on Russian aggression against Ukraine, secret documents leaked from Russia's Finance Ministry "suggest" that Moscow is prepared to greatly increase its defense spending.

According to the documents, Russia's Defense Ministry's proposed budget for 2024 is about $110 billion, a 68 percent increase over 2023.

According to the British ministry, these figures suggest that Russia "is preparing for many more years of war in Ukraine "./ CNA

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