Rally in Montenegro in support of Serbs in Kosovo

2023-06-01 09:19:00, Kosova & Bota CNA

Rally in Montenegro in support of Serbs in Kosovo

As a sign of support for Serbs in Kosovo, several hundred citizens gathered on Wednesday evening in front of a church in Podgorica, Montenegro.

There were no speeches at the rally, while the participants chanted "Kosovo is the heart of Serbia" and other messages.

They were wearing t-shirts with the messages "Brother for brother, no surrender", "Kosovo is Serbia", "Montenegro - Russia", as well as with the image of the Russian president, Vladimir Putin.

The invitation to the rally has been distributed on social networks and is said to have been organized by a group of citizens.

Several deputies from smaller pro-Serbian parties, such as Bogdan Bozhovic from the Socialist People's Party and Marko Millacic from True Montenegro, as well as the holder of the electoral list of the People's Coalition, Dejan Vukši?, also participated.

A similar gathering is expected to be held in the city of Nikši? today.

About one-third of Montenegrins identify as Serbs, and about two-thirds belong to a local branch of the Serbian Orthodox Church.

Tensions with Belgrade have eased significantly since Montenegro declared independence in 2006, but issues of Montenegrin national identity and common culture still cause dilemmas./ Rel

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