The horror case/ The British expert admits to sexually abusing dogs

2023-09-26 08:00:00, Kosova & Bota CNA
The horror case/ The British expert admits to sexually abusing dogs
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A well-known British expert has accepted 60 charges after admitting to abusing animals.

According to a court in Australia, expert Adam Britton filmed himself torturing dozens of dogs until they died.

After filming, the expert planned to post the videos on social networks.

Britton is expected to be sentenced. At a hearing in the Northern Territory (NT) Supreme Court on Monday, prosecutors presented their case against him.

Many of the details of Britton's crimes were so serious that the judge warned those present in the courtroom to leave.

Chief Justice Michael Grant said he was concerned the footage could cause a nervous breakdown in those who saw or heard it.

The expert had a "sadistic sexual interest" in animals since 2014.

He used the online platform Gumtree to find people who were often reluctant to give up their pets due to travel or work commitments, building a rapport with them to negotiate taking custody of the animals.

In reality, he was abusing the animals in a shipping container on his property that had been fitted with recording equipment, which he called a "torture chamber".

Such a video was passed to the police, who arrested Mr. Britton in April 2022.

Of the 42 dogs he abused in the 18 months before his arrest, 39 died.

Britton has been held in custody since his arrest and is due back in court for a hearing in December.

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