"The problem is called Vucic"/ German press about the event in Kosovo: A spark and control is lost

2023-09-26 11:30:00, Kosova & Bota CNA
"The problem is called Vucic"/ German press about the event in Kosovo:
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The newspaper "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung" analyzes the bloodshed in the north of Kosovo in an analysis by Michael Martens entitled "Vucic rejects Serbia's participation in the riots". "Vucic's version, that the Serbian state has nothing to do with the riots, contradicts the fact that the perpetrators were heavily armed and well organized. They even had an armored vehicle. Civilians in Kosovo do not have access to these, at a time that in the north the line of criminal and state structures is very mobile. That this is becoming more and more clear to the world outside, it appears in the statement of the EU Commissioner for Foreign Policy, Josep Borrell, who announced on the platform X, that the EU condemns "the despicable attack against police officers in the strongest possible terms."

Meanwhile, the newspaper "taz" under the title "The problematic person is called Vucic" publishes a comment by Erich Rathfelder about the escalation of the situation in Kosovo, in which it is emphasized that "Serbia once again aggravates the situation in the Balkans, in Kosovo. "The real problematic person is called Aleksandar Vu?i? is the Serbian president. He relentlessly pursues his own goals, with no willingness to compromise. For him, accepting compromise means weakness. He will not understand that his strategy is failing, to manage to have the Association of Serbian Municipalities in Kosovo but not to recognize Kosovo. [...]Vu?i? knows how to exercise patience and sees European diplomats as valuable idiots , which can keep them hanging until the Ukraine war is decided. Russia wins, he also wins in Kosovo."

"We have not only a political crisis, but also a security crisis"

Furthermore, "taz" has also published an interview on Tuesday on the developments in Kosovo with the political scientist, Vedran D?ihi? from the Institute for International Politics in Vienna, which demands that the West stop the policy of patience towards Serbia. "One spark and control is lost", emphasizes Vedran D?ihi?, referring to the high tensions between Kosovo and Serbia, which are the highest in the last 20 years. "It will also be necessary to increase the presence of KFOR troops. We have not only a political crisis, but also a security crisis. Borders must be strengthened and criminal groups must be monitored more intensively."

Even the Swiss newspaper "Neue Zürcher Zeitung" pays attention to the developments in Kosovo. "Brussels and the other capitals must make it clear to Belgrade and Pristina very quickly what they should do. In fact, they know. Because both sides have agreed on the basic points for improving relations twice [. ..] Brussels and the EU must use all diplomatic and financial pressure tools to make the parties implement the promises made. Meanwhile, Kosovo is under sanctions. If Belgrade does not change its position, the time has come for punitive measures also against Serbia. It would be very painful to cancel the liberalization of visas (in the case of Kosovo, not removing them).

But the EU has not only the stick in hand, but also the carrot: Fast aid for infrastructure projects and a donor conference are rewards that both sides need. Pace is now required. The EU has wasted a lot of time in the Balkans. There is no more time after the strategic situation changes. In the face of Russian neo-imperialism and China's challenge, the EU has trumpeted that it will learn the language of power. Now the EU must spell it out." /DW

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