Ukrainian wheat cargoes arrive in Turkey

2023-09-24 17:10:24, Kosova & Bota CNA

Ukrainian wheat cargoes arrive in Turkey

A second shipment of Ukrainian wheat arrived in Turkey on Sunday, according to the French News Agency, AFP.

Russia had threatened to attack ships bound for or departing from Ukraine.

However, Ukraine is now testing sea lanes controlled by NATO members Bulgaria and Romania.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Saturday that recent UN proposals to revive the Black Sea grain deal and the proposed Ukraine peace plan were both "unrealistic".

According to him, Moscow left the wheat agreement because the promises made to Russia had not been fulfilled, among them the lifting of sanctions against a Russian bank and its reconnection with the global SWIFT system.

Meanwhile, on Sunday, the British Ministry of Defense said in the daily announcement regarding the Russian aggression against Ukraine that consumers in Russia are likely to face a shortage of gasoline and diesel.

According to the British ministry, Russia suspended almost all oil and gasoline exports on Thursday "to stabilize its domestic markets". This move, according to the ministry, "almost certainly" will further limit supplies globally./ VOA

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