Who is Lupço Palevski, accused of murdering a 14-year-old girl in Skopje

2023-12-06 13:25:00, Kosova & Bota CNA
Who is Lupço Palevski, accused of murdering a 14-year-old girl in Skopje
Lupço Paleskit-Palço

Exposed in the media, active in politics and a suspected businessman, this is how the profile of Lupço Palevski - Palço, suspected of the murder of 14-year-old Vanja Gjor?evska from Skopje and 74-year-old Pançe Zhezhovski from Veles, can be described.

Palevski was active on social networks with his podcast "Krsh", as the leader of the "E treta" movement, a political group with pro-Russian convictions where he delivered nationalist messages.

On the evening of November 21, a day before the kidnapping of 74-year-old Pançe Zhezhovski, he made an announcement on the social network "Facebook" that the next show, scheduled for Sunday, would be postponed to Tuesday, November 23.

On the day of Zhezhovski's abduction, he did not post anything, while after the kidnapping of the 14-year-old, he wrote on several occasions that he had spent his childhood near the "Pestaloci" school, the same one where Vanja Gjor?evska studied.

While the search for Vanja continued, in his posts, the suspect of her kidnapping and murder used hate speech and extreme nationalism.

Lupço Palevski and four other people, including the girl's father, after an intensive investigation by the Macedonian police and prosecutor's office, turned out to be the authors of the kidnapping, while Palevski was also their executor.

A day before the publication of the investigations, Palevski had escaped from North Macedonia, while on December 5, the Minister of Internal Affairs, Oliver Spasovski, announced that he had been arrested in Turkey and that the procedures for his extradition had already begun, until the suspects others are already in custody in Skopje.

Lupço Palevski-Palço, former founder of the weekly "Start", through which he wanted to be present in the media, so in addition to his personal podcast, which has 2500 followers, he also got space on the pro-Russian portal " Infomax", according to research on Russian influence in North Macedonia.

Palco has been known to the general public since 1998 when he became the head of the branch of the Social Democratic League of Macedonia (LSDM) in Skopje, which is now headed by Prime Minister Dimitar Kovacevski.

Experts contacted by "Radio Free Europe" say that this is precisely the period when he was given the opportunity to get close to the former director of the secret police at that time, Zoran Verushevski.

Who and why "protected" Palço?

The name of Lupço Paleski-Palço became "unpleasant" for many when it became known that he was arrested on suspicion of hiding behind the "Nikola Tesla" YouTube channel, where in 2017 the intercepted conversations of politicians were published , journalists, businessmen and public figures.

The Special Public Prosecutor's Office, which was formed in 2016 to investigate the wiretapping, had discovered that through the "Tesla" channel, Palevski made various blackmails on the wiretapped persons, but despite this he was released.

He went so far as to release some of the intercepted conversations in the town square of Prilep, but even then he was arrested and then released.

For the former Minister of Internal Affairs, Pavle Trajanov, it is clear that he was protected by high-ranking police officials both then and now.

"At that time, the Ministry of the Interior had suspicions that he was using them for blackmail, but then it was current and passed. But, I assume that he has been in communication with MIA people for a long time and this question should be addressed directly to the Minister of Internal Affairs, Oliver Spasovski. He now bears political responsibility and must say whether Palevski has communicated with the services. The fact that so far there is no more serious epilogue for so many of his works is surprising," says Trajanov.

For a long time, he dealt with businesses in the field of construction and built buildings in the center of Skopje, some of them illegal constructions, and the most famous among them is the building known as "Tifani".

In 2021, the Association of Citizens for the Popularization of Free Thought and Media "Desna Republika" (Right Republic) was registered on behalf of Palevski, whose address is also in the center of Skopje.

Its founders are 14 other people, among them are some of the current suspects for the two murders.

At the beginning of this year, in January, the right-wing political party Desna was founded, whose address is in the Kisella Voda settlement.

Her name means that Lupço Palevski-Palço is a rightist, who promotes radical ideas because of the "betrayals" that were happening to the Republic of North Macedonia.

According to reports, he strongly opposed the country's Euro-Atlantic integration and promotes some of the ideas for rapprochement with Russia.

The gatherings he organized with his supporters were often held in church buildings.

The party has also created a statement on not changing the name, status and dignity of the Macedonian Orthodox Church - Ohrid Archdiocese.

The party distances itself from Palço

Through an announcement on its Facebook profile, the Desna party has issued a statement, in which it claims that the rest of the membership has been left in shock and disbelief over the developments. According to the announcement, this party demands strict punishment for Lupço Palevski and the members who are suspected of committing the cruel act of killing 14-year-old Vanja Gjor?evska and 74-year-old Pançe Zhezhovski.

The party announces that it will freeze the membership, functions and activities of the accused until the end of the process.

Spasovski called him a "monster", the opposition accuses him of being a "collaborator"

The Minister of Internal Affairs, Oliver Spasovski, on the day he came out with the details of the investigation, had promised that he would do everything to arrest the kidnapper and the executioner of the victims.

"I will do everything, I promise you, so that this person, or if you prefer, this monster, whose tracks we are following as soon as he sets foot on our land, will be brought to justice," Spasovski declared.

However, the opposition accused Spasovski of being illogical in the investigation and asked the Minister of the Interior if Palço really had information about him and therefore had escaped across the border.

However, Spasovski denied these accusations, while on the evening of December 5, when he announced the arrest of Palevski in Turkey, he said that all those who misuse this case are "amateur politicians", while all others who continue to incite hatred and spread misinformation, they will give an account./ REL

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