Kurti: Four of the five policemen detained in Serbia are released

2024-04-18 11:47:00, Kosova & Bota CNA
Kurti: Four of the five policemen detained in Serbia are released
Albin Kurti

The Prime Minister of Kosovo, Albin Kurti, said that according to the latest information, four Kosovo police officials, who were being held in Raska, Serbia, have been released and only the deputy director of the Kosovo Police, Dejan Jankovic, remains detained.

During the meeting of the Government of Kosovo, Kurti said that the police officers were stopped at the border points between Kosovo and Serbia in Merdare, Dheu i Bardhë and Jarinje, as well as at a border crossing point between Serbia and Croatia.

"The deputy director of the police continues to be held in prison in Serbia," Kurti said, referring to Jankovic.

On April 17, authorities in Kosovo announced that ten Kosovo police officers - Albanians and Serbs - had been detained by Serbian authorities. Five of them were released the same day.

Kurti, during the Government meeting, announced that the five policemen had been sent to Rashka.

He also said that Serbia stopped and "mistreated" for more than 20 hours, hundreds of Kosovo citizens who were passing through Serbia on buses.

According to Kurt, these actions of the Serbian authorities were done as a sign of revenge, since on April 16 the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe supported Kosovo's membership in this organization.

"Serbia's retaliatory action is also intended as an act aimed at escalating tensions. This is because normality, peace and tranquility in the region, and especially in Kosovo, do not suit Serbia", said Kurti./ REL 

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