The price of wheat increases by 5 Lek/ Remains in the warehouse

2023-08-12 11:28:00, Ekonomi CNA

The price of wheat increases by 5 Lek/ Remains in the warehouse

The price of wheat has increased by 5 Lek per kilogram. If until a few days ago the price varied from 25-26 Lek per kg, now it is sold from 28-30 Lek per kg.

According to the farmers, this price is not what is required by them as the expenses are greater than the current price.

Roland Hyskolli, a farmer from Libonik i Maliqi, has taken the wheat to the street to sell, even though this year he will make a loss.

Hyskolli says that the price of 30 lek per kilogram of wheat does not justify the production costs.

"I sell it for 30 lek, 300 old lek and we are not satisfied. That longing does not go away. He must take this commodity, I made 150 quintals of wheat, loss, no profit. I don't even take out the money I threw on the ground. I threw it away, harvested it, and I'm selling it again at a loss. I don't earn anything, heka heka," he said.

This situation is the same for other farmers in the Maliqi field. Another farmer still has the wheat unharvested.

"It's not worth harvesting, the cost is too high, the plowing, the state helped us with oil, but the prices of the works increased, there is no market price and now you can't even harvest anything. We will leave it like that out of shame, not out of interest. There is no yield. With losses, many losses, we can't earn even a quarter of the lek we have spent," Petrit Hymeri said.

This year in the Korça District there was an area of ??13,430 hectares planted with wheat from 12,570 planted last year. The farmers of the southeast, even with more surface area due to the yield, received smaller amounts than a year ago.

Throughout this year, more than 45,000 tons of wheat have been produced in the Korça region, while more than 16,000 tons have been produced in the Maliqi field alone. Official sources say that around 40,000 tons continue to be stored, while warning that the price of wheat may rise again.

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