The question that haunts him everywhere/ Noizy: I've been behind, only I'm not doing it right

2022-08-08 22:17:00, Lifestyle CNA
The question that haunts him everywhere/ Noizy: I've been behind, only
Rapper Noizy

After a very long passive time in interviews, the rapper Noizy is recently appearing on every television station in Kosovo as well as in Albania.

In almost all interviews, it has been noticed that he is haunted by the question about his personal life, when he will get married and start a family.

During an interview on the show "1 coffee with Labin", when asked again when he will get married, Noizy answered:

 "Everyone got married, what about you?", was the question that Labinoti addressed to the rapper, mentioning some of his colleagues who have ended their celibacy.

"You are driving me crazy, everywhere I go they tell me this. At the moment there is none, as far as I can see I have fallen behind. It seems to me that I am ungodly, I am not good. I've done everything right, that's why I'm not doing everything," replied the rapper jokingly.

We recall that during an interview, the rapper stated that he is focused on music and has no immediate plans to start a family.

"I have no plans for a family at the moment. It is distant as day. I can't plan it. You never know, but I can't make plans. I'm focused on music and work at the moment. I overdid it with jealousy and it bothers me when women lie," said Noizy./ CNA.al


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