Lopez and Affleck "separate" after the honeymoon/ What's going on with the couple?

2022-08-08 19:21:00, Lifestyle CNA
Lopez and Affleck "separate" after the honeymoon/ What's going on
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez

After the honeymoon, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have decided to spend some time apart. They believe that this move will benefit their marriage. World famous stars think it makes their love stronger.

Sources close to Jennifer Lopez have told foreign media that both are aware of the demands of their careers and think that spending time apart will help their relationship.

“They actually believe that spending time apart makes them stronger and it's perfect because when they're apart, they make an extreme amount of money. It's a favorable situation," the source said, adding that even though they are far away, they talk to each other a lot.

“They're always talking, texting, FaceTiming. And the time they spend apart makes the reunion that much better. JLo loves the fact that she knows her husband will be there for her no matter what happens," the source added./ CNA.al


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