Angel Shkira confirms pregnancy/ Sweet dedication to the baby

2022-08-15 22:54:00, Lifestyle CNA
Angel Shkira confirms pregnancy/ Sweet dedication to the baby
Angel Shkira and Dagz

For several weeks, the moderator Einxel Shkira has been rumored in the pink media, that she is expecting a baby.

But Angel has confused followers with her posts on social networks, where she dismissed news of pregnancy.

With a series of successive reactions, she mocked the media, while today she has confirmed that she and Dagz will actually become parents

She has published a video on Instagram, where her rounded belly can be seen and she has dedicated some sweet words to the baby.

"When dreams come true and reality is more beautiful than any dream in life... When you love life so much that the earth looks like heaven and you are standing on the clouds... When you find that soul mate and God smiles because I know it's the moment to bless you with the most divine gift... When a simple touch of a hand turns into a touch of Life... and we can't wait to touch your little hands", writes the moderator./ BA - CNA.al

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