Dea Michel "clashes" with Luizi/ You are scary, do therapy with the psychologist

2023-05-04 17:03:00, Lifestyle CNA
Dea Michel "clashes" with Luizi/ You are scary, do therapy with the
Luiz Ejlli and Dea Mishel Hoxha

The blogger Dea Mishel Hoxha and the singer Luiz Ejlli argued today, when they remembered the clashes they had inside the "Big Brother VIP" house.

Dea Michel remembered when Luiz told her that he will scribble on the wall, while the singer mentioned the sensational statement when the blogger made fun of orphaned children.

Dea Michel said that Luiz is scary when he gets nervous and asked him to do consultations and therapy with the psychologist.

Excerpts from the debate:

Dea Michel: I was talking about the situations here.

Luizi: And I was talking about your situations.

Dea Michel:  Here, not yours.

Luizi:  It doesn't matter, here it's a game, outside it's reality. You actually did it. Much uglier.

Dea Mishel:  Yes, you also did it in reality.

Luizi:  No, here is the game

Dea Michel:  No, in reality you did.

Luizi:  No, this is a race.

Dea Michel:  No, it's not a race. When you told me I'd scribble on the wall, you weren't kidding

Luizi:  We were racing.

Dea Mishel:  He played it very well, huh?

Luizi:  I don't know, we'll see the end!

Dea Mishel:  If only your eyes were dark, my lips were dry.

Luizi:  We will see the end!

Dea Mishel:  You are scary more... You are scary...

Louis:  Scary me?

Dea Mishel:  And you must understand that you must learn to manage your nerves and possibly do therapy, because when you said that I haven't made any appointment with the psychologist, I was surprised. You have to date, you have to manage these nerves and you have to understand that you become violent when you get nervous.

Luizi:  You have to manage the teasing yourself with what.

Dea Mishel:  And it is not justified, this thing is not justified, I just got nervous

Luizi:  You will manage them?

Dea Michel:  I apologized and admitted that I made a mistake

Luizi:  Why didn't I ask?/ CNA.al

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