Weekend wedding/ Armina Mevlani "rejects" the last name Berisha, here's the price for the guests

2022-09-22 16:20:00, Lifestyle CNA
Weekend wedding/ Armina Mevlani "rejects" the last name Berisha,
Armina Mevlani and Shkelzen Berisha

After 10 years of relationship, Armina Mevlani and Shkëlzen Berisha will crown their love in marriage.

The wedding will take place this weekend, as it was previously announced that it would be in September, but no one had given any details about the date.

Armina has revealed some new details about "Goca dhe Gra".

"Next week you will be like Mrs. Berisha, you will come to our studio", said Dalina to Arminë.

 "No, I will come in mourning, Mrs. Mevlani. I will continue to be Mrs. Mevlani," said Armina.

Meanwhile, the girls in the studio did not spare the humorous comments, Jerina asked Dalina if she has decided how much lek she will give to Armina at the wedding.

"I will make the envelope big, I will leave it there in the middle. I wanted to throw a lek, but Armina said don't throw a lek when you dance," said Dalina

Earlier, Armina revealed that she and Shkëlzeni love autumn and this is the reason they decided to have the wedding in September.

Not only that, but she has discovered that her father-in-law, Sali Berisha, has expressed support for the wedding date./ CNA.al

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