"Albanians judge by appearance"/ Puputhen's competitor "slaps in Remil's face"

2022-09-21 18:31:00, Lifestyle CNA
"Albanians judge by appearance"/ Puputhen's competitor
Remil i Match

Remili and Eda have a very tense relationship with each other after a clash in one of the episodes of Match.

Remil's comment that Eda looks like a bee going from flower to flower made Eda explode at him, saying that there will be no apology for this.

Today in a confrontation, Remili apologized and gave him a white rose.

Among other things, Eda said that Albanians always judge by their appearance, but she managed to do it on her own.

"All Albanians have judged me by my appearance, but I succeeded alone.

Although my parents have economic opportunities and live in Spain, I have worked and studied", said Eda. / CNA.al 


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