"Whoever used his name was untouchable!"/ Hoxha reveals Laert Haxhi's connections with the police

2023-09-28 22:48:00, Kronika CNA

"Whoever used his name was untouchable!"/ Hoxha reveals Laert

Journalist Artan Hoxha revealed the connections of the much-wanted Laert Haxhiu with the police, as he spoke about the murders revealed by the testimony of the repentant justice, Artan Tafani.

Hoxha said on Ylli Rakip's show that Haxhiu shared a relationship with the police for narcotics.

He declared that anyone who mentioned Laert Haxhiu's name was untouchable.

" Laert Haxhiu had very strong connections. If he allows the police to share money for cannabis with them, don't expect to get caught. 

He did not leave Albania. Except for the time after covid, when two people close to him were hit. This has become a very important character.

Myzeqeja is a major agricultural producer and has outstanding businesses. It couldn't work if there was no point of contact. If you had the name of this one, you got invulnerability. He hit and annihilated Aldo Bare's ring. Those who did not leave, they put explosives on them and left.

All this long time, he was looking. He turned into a myth. When it was caught in Greece, it seemed very strange.

The picture, or the graph that they gave us today, are crimes that have the entire range of the criminal code inside ," declared Hoxha./ CNA

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