'Never forget'/ Who killed Çajup Selim in 2021 in Tepelena, names revealed

2023-09-28 10:30:00, Kronika CNA

'Never forget'/ Who killed Çajup Selim in 2021 in Tepelena,

The Director of the State Police, Muhamet Rrumbullaku, in a press conference, gave details about the coded "Never Forget" mega-operation. 

From the investigations according to Rrumbullak, for the murder of Çajup Selim in Tepelena in June 2021, the suspected perpetrators are Leart Haxhiu, Artan Tafami, Erisiana Abenidini, Lulzim Spaija, Ligor Lomacka, Bujar Abedini. 

Murder of the businessman

Çajup Selimi, while he was in his apartment in a building in the neighborhood "15 September" in Tepelena, was called by a person on the first floor to come down.

At this moment, the 52-year-old man left the apartment to go downstairs, but another person was waiting for him with a gun on the second floor, shooting him 2 times with a pistol, where one of the bullets hit him in the heart, resulting in his death. to.

Then the perpetrators left the scene. Selimi turns out to be the owner of a business in the city, while previously he was also involved in several conflicts over competition issues./ CNA



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