Anti-drug action in Spain/ 20 kg of drugs are seized, 3 people are in handcuffs

2023-09-27 13:14:00, Kosova & Bota CNA

Anti-drug action in Spain/ 20 kg of drugs are seized, 3 people are in handcuffs

The Spanish authorities have announced that they have arrested 3 people who were caught with drugs and another person is under investigation.

According to the Civil Guard, the day before, during the action, two people of Lithuanian nationality and a Pole were arrested as suspected perpetrators of a crime of drug trafficking, membership in a criminal organization, possession of weapons without a permit, fraud with electricity and forgery of documents.

A citizen of Spanish nationality was also investigated, whom the investigators suspect is the leader of the organization.

In this operation, the Civil Guard seized 20 kilograms of marijuana ready for sale and an ALFA brand revolver, model 640, caliber 6mm, with ammunition and twenty cartridges of the same caliber that the arrested hid at the bottom of a closet.

The authorities had installed devices around the house to monitor and identify all the people associated with this drug trafficking gang. When the investigation phase was over, the Civil Guard requested authorization from the Granada court to carry out a search of the suspicious house in which investigators discovered both the drugs and the weapons and ammunition seized.

As reported by sources last Friday, a group of agents of the Armed Institute operated on Manuel Losada Street, located in a quiet residential area, to arrest members of this criminal group./ CNA

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