Kiara Tito is in Turkey/ Luiz Aylli goes to "Puputhen"

2023-06-09 20:17:00, Lifestyle CNA

Kiara Tito is in Turkey/ Luiz Aylli goes to "Puputhen"

Moderator Kiara Tito and singer Luiz Ejlli are the most followed couple of the moment.

Everywhere they go, the pair are photographed by fans, who watch their every move in detail.

Recently, the singer has been seen moving alone and the reason is that Kiara is in Turkey, where the show that she will lead is being filmed.

Luizi himself discovered this fact with a video from the USA. But this afternoon, Luiz went to the show "Purputhen".

While the moderator is in Turkey, the singer spoke on the love show "Purputhen" about their relationship.

Kiara Tito is in Turkey/ Luiz Aylli goes to "Puputhen"

One of the issues he mentioned was the frequent questions fans ask about Kiara when she goes to concerts alone.

"People will never stop talking. Words will always be. It is important to forget the cameras when looking into each other's eyes. It will be very difficult but the end will be worth it.

I'm not much of a social media person and I'm not very influenced. I went to the concert and they said why didn't you take Kiara with you when I took Kiara they told me she took it because we told them. You can't please all the people", emphasized Luiz Ejlli./ CNA.al

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