Video- Russia returns to "boomerang" missile / Makes a turn and crashes to those who launched it

2022-06-24 18:27:00, Kosova & Bota CNA
Video- Russia returns to "boomerang" missile / Makes a turn and
View from the rocket return

A video has recently been published in the media that is said to show how a missile fired by the Russian air defense turned into a "boomerang". According to reports, a rocket fired in the Luhansk region turned 180 degrees after being launched and crashed almost in the same place from where it was launched.

The video was reportedly filmed in the early hours of this morning in the town of Alchevsk, about 55 miles south of Severodonetsk, where heavy fighting is taking place. The air defense missile system, possibly an S300, was reportedly operated by pro-Russian Ukrainian separatists from the Luhansk People's Republic.

The cause of the malfunction is not clear, while some have speculated that the problem may have occurred due to hacking or blocking by a Ukrainian drone, although this is considered impossible./ CNA.al

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