The water prices for Fier will increase by up to 20%, the tariffs will be effective from May 18

2024-04-24 07:10:00, Ekonomi CNA
The water prices for Fier will increase by up to 20%, the tariffs will be
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Fieri and two other units such as Roskoveci and Mallakastra will have changes in the water supply fee, as well as the removal of polluted water from May 18, 2024.

The only exception is Patosi, which according to the latest decision of the Water Regulatory Authority will not change, as these tariffs are currently higher than the average of this region. The decision of the Water Regulatory Authority (ERRU) published in QBZ shows that the increase in tariffs for the other three units ranges from 15 to 20%

Currently, for water supply, today a family in Fier or Roskovec pays 52 ALL/m3, while a family in Mallakastër pays 50 ALL/m3. From May 18, each of them would pay 60 lek for each m3 of water.

Institutions or public consumers pay today 105 ALL/m3 in Fier and Roskovec and 100 ALL/m3 in Mallakastër. With the new rates, they will be unified at 115 ALL/m3. Businesses will pay 125 ALL/m3 while they currently pay 125 ALL/m3 and 120 ALL/m3.

Regarding the removal of polluted water, the approved fee is 20 ALL/m3 for family members in the four units where Patosi has no change, as it is currently the same.

For other units, the increase doubles as household consumers in Fier pay 13 Lek/m3, in Roskovec 15 Lek/m3 of water removed and for Mallakastra 10 Lek/m3 of water.

"This decision enters into force on 18.5.2024 and is valid until 31.12.2026," says the ERRU decision.

The application of the Fier company is not the only one that has received approval for a fee increase this year. Earlier, new tariffs were also approved for Lezha, where from April 5, three municipalities that are supplied with water by the Lezha water supply company have increased water supply prices for families. The price of water for all units that are part of this enterprise was revised with an increase of 12-50%.

Meanwhile, at the beginning of the year, water supply prices were also revised for Vlora, where families today pay 33 percent higher rates than before. The review of tariffs for new companies that have emerged after the merger process is ongoing in an effort to get the sector out of the difficult financial situation as well as from the debts accumulated in the energy sector./ Monitor Magazine 

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