In Durrës Yachts Marina, apartment prices increase in 1 month/ Only locals are buying in the air!

2024-04-09 07:39:00, Ekonomi CNA

In Durrës Yachts Marina, apartment prices increase in 1 month/ Only locals

In "Durrës Yachts Marina" the opening of sales through reservations has been announced, without starting work on the project for another building with 181 apartments.

After the completion of the bookings for the sale of 233 apartments in the "Parkvieë" residence, which was held on March 8, it is already anticipated that on April 18, the bookings for the sale of the properties of a 7-story building in the "Parkland" residence will take place.

For the properties that will go on sale on April 18, the sales office stated that for apartments with a net area of ??61 m² to 141 m², the total sales value varies from 110 thousand euros to 400 thousand euros. Prices per square meter start from 1,800 to 2,800 euros.

The location of the new facility in the plan that accompanies the sale shows that the building is on the third line of construction away from the sea and with a frontal view of the central marina park.

Compared to the auction for the reservation of sales held about a month ago (held on March 8), the maximum sale prices of properties have increased by about 8%. For the typology of the apartment with a net area of ??58 m² in the "ParkVieë" residence, the sale value started from 110 thousand euros to 150 thousand euros.

For the first buildings, the minimum sales prices started from 1,650 euros per square meter. Prices have increased by about 9%.

Sales start without a building permit, only locals "dare" to buy in the air

Even for this object in "Durrës Yachts Marina", bookings for sales will take place without obtaining the construction permit. For this facility, according to the sales office, the construction permit is expected to be issued after 6 or 7 months.

The sale continues with the reservation payment scheme of 1,200 euros and the repayment of the total purchase price of the apartment through 7 installments. The booking fee paid is non-refundable, but is credited to the buyer in the final payment installment.

Three of these installments or 40% of the value of the apartment will be paid before obtaining the building permit divided into 20% of the purchase price which is paid within 5 days of signing the Preliminary Sales Agreement; 10% of the purchase price to be paid no later than 3 months from the date of the construction permit and 10% of the purchase price to be paid no later than 6 months from the date of the construction permit.

The sales office also stated that the demand for booking properties is led by locals, while a minority of them are from Albanians in the diaspora or immigrants. While the number of foreign buyers is almost non-existent.

The new booking model has not yet started, the project is being implemented by other investors who are expected to develop resorts in the South.

Ermira Brozi, the director of sales and marketing of the "Concord Investment" group, previously claimed for "Monitor" that this new approach, i.e. the model of initial booking of the price, not yet starting work on the project site, has been welcomed by the buyers. our potential, who have also processed the signing of the booking contract, especially this from the Albanian citizens of the diaspora, but also those from Kosovo.

In Durrës YachtS Marina, the construction of almost 13 thousand apartments is planned (4 thousand in the first phase and about 8,600 in the second phase), while only a few hotels with more than 850 rooms will do so.

Only 280 berths are provided for the yacht. 93% of the projected construction area will be residential and 3.5% will respectively be hotels and commercial areas./ Monitor Magazine

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