The government settles the bag/ 120 million euros for the roads

2024-04-04 15:07:00, Ekonomi CNA
The government settles the bag/ 120 million euros for the roads
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The Albanian Road Authority opened this week the procedures for 10 road contracts, where a good part are lots of the same project. The total limit fund for these procedures is ALL 12.3 billion, or about EUR 120 million.

But what are actually the projects for which the procedures were opened on Wednesday and Thursday of this week?

The first is the procedure that has as its object "Reconstruction of the old road Kombinat - Ndroq - Plepa, Lot 1" with a limited fund of 754 million ALL. This project aims at the complete rehabilitation of one of the roads with the most problematic condition over the years and which will serve as an alternative road for Durrës.

Three other procedures are related to the Elbasan-Qafë Thane road extension project, which is currently being worked on lots 1-4, while the procedures for lot 5 with a limited fund of ALL 2.49 billion, lot 6 with a limited fund of ALL 2.48 billion, have already been opened. lot 7 with a limited fund of 2.47 billion ALL and lot 8 with 2.49 billion ALL.

Another important project, which was talked about earlier, is the expansion of Tirana-Durra. ARRSH opened the tender for two phases of this road, where a limited fund of ALL 1.66 billion has been set for the Tirana-Durres Superhighway Extension procedure (Phase I) and the same for the second phase.

Another project is the one for the Berat-Ballaban road, the first lot with a limit fund of 1.9 billion lek and the second lot with a limit fund of 2.25 billion lek that are expected to cover the construction of this road that has often become the object of political promises.

The last project lies in the South of the country and is related to the expansion of the Ksamil road, for which a limit fund of 1.66 billion ALL has been provided.

For all procedures, the deadline for the submission of offers by interested operators is set for May 8, 2024./Monitor

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