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The 18 million euro tender for the juvenile rehabilitation institution is appealed

2023-12-07 14:18:00, Ekonomi CNA

The 18 million euro tender for the juvenile rehabilitation institution is

The procedure for the construction of an institution for the education and rehabilitation of minors with a limit fund of 1.94 billion lek or about 18 million euros of the Ministry of Justice has been completed in the Public Procurement Commission.

It seems that one of the entities participating in the competition out of four in total did not agree with the evaluation made by the Bid Evaluation Commission, requesting that this point be reviewed.

The complaint filed in the system on December 6 determines that the evaluation is the stage of disagreement, as the ministry announced earlier on November 24 on the website of the Public Procurement Agency about the announcement of the winning bid. According to the data published in this announcement, the winning company gave an offer of 1.75 billion ALL, while the complainant gave 1.88 billion ALL.

"We inform BOE "4 AM" shpk and "ED KONSTRUKSION" sh.pk with address "Artan Lenja" street 4 AM Palace, Apartment A 1, 1st floor, Tirana, that the offer presented with a total value of 1,751,539,696 ( one billion seven hundred and fifty one million five hundred and thirty nine thousand six hundred and ninety six) Lek excluding VAT has been identified as the (preliminary) winner of the procurement procedure", it is stated in the announcement of the ministry, while the complainant is the union of companies RAFIN sh.pk, UDHA and NDREGJONI.

Project for the institution

Details on this project are given in the architectural report of the ministry. According to him, the property is located near the road axis Tirana - Kashar administrative center (about 7 km from the center of Tirana), near residential areas. The entrance road to the property is unpaved and damage to the existing road layers is found, there is a distance of 150 ml from the asphalted road of the residential area.

Currently in this property there are several buildings of the former military department, but which are assessed as very depreciated and unsuitable for their reconstruction in the function of the Institution for the restriction of freedom for minors.

"The program organizes the functions so that the institute functions as a distributed complex with recreational spaces. The complex consists of sleeping modules, for the categories: women, men, convicts with a closed regime, 18-21 years old, from the administration at the entrance of the complex, which includes the necessary offices as well as meeting or court rooms. Also, an object that is included in the institutes is the multifunctional center with closed sports facilities, canteen, health center, library and meeting space with parents", says the report./Monitor

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