Putin visits Crimea on the anniversary of the annexation

2023-03-18 15:36:00, Kosova & Bota CNA

Putin visits Crimea on the anniversary of the annexation

Russian President Vladimir Putin arrived in Crimea on Saturday, on a visit to mark the ninth anniversary of the annexation of this Ukrainian peninsula, Russian state media reported.

State television has released several images of Putin walking with a group of officials.

"Our president, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, knows how to deceive us. In a good way", said the local governor, Mikhail Razvozhayev.

He said that Putin was originally scheduled to participate virtually in the opening of an art school for children.

"But Vladimir Vladimirovich came physically. Behind the wheel. Because on such a historic day, the president is always with Sevastopol and the people of Sevastopol", said this official appointed by Moscow.

Russia annexed the Crimean Peninsula in 2014, eight years before the start of the war in the rest of Ukraine.

Ukraine has said it will fight to drive Russia out of Crimea, and all the rest of the territory Russia has seized during the year-long war.

Russian President Vladimir Putin calls the war a "special military operation" to demilitarize Ukraine.

The West has responded to Russia, hitting the economy of this country with harsh sanctions.

As a result of the war, thousands of people have died and millions more have been displaced from their homes./ REL

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