Do not try to betray or hurt them / Horoscope signs that do not recognize tolerance

2022-06-24 10:49:00, Horoskopi CNA
Do not try to betray or hurt them / Horoscope signs that do not recognize
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Both concrete and persistent, as well as possessive and stubborn, those born in the sign of Taurus are convinced of their ideas and protect them until death. If you have a friend who belongs to the sign of Taurus, you know that sincerity is his weak point and if you are not, know that your friendship ends and will block you everywhere. One of the positive characteristics of Taurus is his patience, so if he manages to block you on social networks, it happens because you have irritated him a lot.


Cancer is one of the most protective, most loyal signs of the horoscope, but if they realize that you are betraying or hurting them, it will permanently end the friendship or relationship with you. So, a Crab blocks you on social networks because he does not want to have anything with you anymore, neither online nor in real life.


Leo tends to block on social media when he realizes he can’t trust a person and chooses to have a private profile so he can choose who can see what.


Virgos block you on social media to express their dissatisfaction. Mercury is the ruling planet of the birth of Virgo, which is why they tend to change their minds very easily and are constantly undecided on what to do./

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